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Haven't done this for a while....

Damn, I've been behind. Well nothing really has happened....

Friday- Rachel came home Rachel came home YAY YAY YAY I was happpy.

Saturday- I SAW Rachel. And Joe. It was a very good day. Much hugging with Rachel and jumping up and down and lying on the couch on top of Joe was nice ah haha I fell asleep twice while I was there and we watched The Little Mermaid! Wooo fun stuff don't you agree?

Sunday- There was a Flea Market across the street from my Church. My sister and I went and bought a lot of junk for very cheap.

Right now there's a storm brewing and my jackass of a mother is making me shut down the computer because somethings going to happen to it. Uh huh right. But if I dont get off now I'm dead so more later
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